The worlds largest drone delivery network

I read an article in Fast Company this morning, I didn’t realise how far drones had become essential in every day life in some parts of the world.

Zipline‘s latest project in Ghana is delivering emergency blood or medicine to hospitals & medical centers via a network of drones. The scale of the operation is pretty phenomenal ‘Upto 600 flights a day, serving 12 million people at more than 2000 health centers’

Zipline already have a network in operation in Rwanda, where drones have flown over 1 million km to date.

It feels like we are moving much slower in the west but doing these things in parts of the world where the need is much greater, travel more difficult & regulation much less, does make it easier, but either way this is a very impressive story & drone technology is saving many lives in these parts of Africa.

And from GhanaWebTV here is a video of how it all comes together


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