MLS Soccer Stats

I had an email this morning from promoting their MLS Soccer Trading Guide. For anyone interested in sport trading their are some interesting stats in the email: 61% of games see Over 2.5 Goals a game, with 69% of games seeing Both Teams Scoring 34% of Los Angeles FC games have averaged 5 goals…

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Golf dogs

I had a golf lesson over the weekend. The club are looking at allowing owners play a round of golf with their ‘well behaved’ dogs. I had never heard of this before but apparently more & more clubs are doing it. To me it seems opening up a whole can of worms leading arguments on…

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Going through the charts this weekend I noticed that gold has been getting bought heavily since October last year. The markets are forward looking. The next few months will be interesting.

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Decision making in space

“How do you survive in space? Turns out that mental models are really useful. In his book An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth, Chris Hadfield gives an in-depth look into the learning and knowledge required for a successful space mission. Hadfield was, among other roles with NASA, the first Canadian commander of the International…

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The bulk of my pension is dollar cost averaging into the S&P500 each month. I do hold a portfolio of individual stocks that I have just added to a watchlist in KoyFin which you can view here. Below is the list of the long term holds in my pension: My portoflio is based on key…

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