Random memories – NYC 1

The Premiership feels like its all over the place at the moment. Villa flying high and smashing Liverpool reminded me of Reading beating Liverpool 3 – 1 December 2007. I was in New York City with some friends, we had a couple of Liverpool fans in the group so they wanted to watch the game.…

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Suicide drones

Its not if terrorists launch attacks with swarms of suicide drones. Its when. “All of this seems to underscore that, if the PLA doesn’t have an operational drone swarm capability, is getting ever closer to fielding one. A swarm that can be deployed from multiple platforms, on the surface and in the air, potentially approaching…

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Construction management

Autodesk $ADSK has been showing up on my scans recently. I used to work for a MOD contractor and support Autodesk a long time ago. To me it was the defacto CAD software at the time. Reading the Stocktwits newsletter this morning they had a piece about it, so I fired up Koyfin and took…

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Bad ideas

Death by disruption. Physical Bank Branches Brick and Mortar Retail Linear TV Freight Rail Traditional Transportation “ARK believes the market has not discounted adequately the robotaxi disruption likely to upend thetraditional world order in transportation. Tallying up the risk to airlines, public transit, ride-hailing,insurers, automakers, auto dealers, rental companies, and oil, ARK estimates that roughly…

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Random memories

Seem to have got into a routine of waking up at 3am every day and lying awake thinking about random memories. Easy to forget how many random cool things have occured during your lifetime. In order for me to not forget. As I get older. I better start posting them.

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Great meetings

“A great meeting has three key elements: The desired outcome of the meeting is clear ahead of time. The various options are clear, ideally ahead of time. The roles of the participants are clear at the time. I often find that meetings lack one of those elements. Sometimes they lack all those, which is when…

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