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I was thinking about posting a random memory today. I searched my email to try & find the hotel I was staying in when I was in New Dehli for work. Searching my email I found this email response I sent in April 2011: “Yeah its something we need to be aware of & have…

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2017 vs 2020

Is it different this time? “Why this bull run is fundamentally different from 2017” Nine Bitcoin Charts Already at All-Time Highs | by Nic Carter | Nov, 2020 | Medium

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QR mainstream

Following on from my COVID QR post the other week, I got this in my inbox yesterday from Andreessen Horowitz: “Since QR codes were first invented more than 25 years ago, the technology’s strongest application has been improving the payment experience. QR codes provide a safe, reliable, and fast way to pay. QR code payments…

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Stepping back

Yesterday in my office I started having some issues with my back. So I got up from my chair and did some back stretching against the wall. Looking back at my desk this is what I saw. On the left you can see $AAPL double topping and failing. Ont the right you can see an…

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