Lemonade innovation

I first came across Lemonade on a podcast last year. I blogged about here. A must listen. Yesterday they IPO’d and day one went like this. A massive market in an old school industry. A industry that has never bothered to innovate. Maybe because they never had to. Until now. If I was a betting…

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Electric Elon

Tesla is now worth more than than Honda, Ferrari, BMW, GM, Nikola, and Nissan. COMBINED. The above chart shows the performance of old world v new world. Tesla is easy to spot. The other stand out there is NIO. NIO is talked about as the Chinese Tesla. Old big companies struggle with change. Hard to…

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Printers are in demand in the a Covid world according to a report in the Washington post. “As a recent Deloitte report put it, when the virus hit, hundreds of millions of people “brought their laptops home in a bag … but left their printers behind!” And oh, how we’ve missed them — not for…

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Home fitness

In the UK the biggest name in home fitness is probably Joe Wicks. In the US its probably Peloton. Yesterday Lululemon announced they were buying fitness start up Mirror. Feel like two different markets to me & you could easily have both Peloton & Mirror in your life. Big bucks are betting on post COVID…

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Smart adoption

“Mobile technology has spread rapidly around the globe. Today, it is estimated that more than 5 billion people have mobile devices, and over half of these connections are smartphones. But the growth in mobile technology to date has not been equal, either across nations or within them. People in advanced economies are more likely to…

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Second wave

Global Covid cases look to be on the rise. With the US going through a 2nd wave. “Yesterday, Texas and Florida announced that bars would once again have to be shut down as officials tried to slow the rapid spread of coronavirus cases.”

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Cloud caboodle

Confused why cloud stocks are performing so well even though we are admist a global pandemic? Hitting everything. Nearly. “Robert Smith, the founder and CEO of Vista Equity Partners is arguably one of the Top 5 investors alive. At Vista he manages over $57 billion in equity commitments, oversees a portfolio of 65 enterprise software…

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