Yesterday was the end of the 1st quarter of 2020. Brazil got battered, along with most other countries. China fared the best, -11.1%. Just a bad quarter.

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Tops not bottoms

“With more and more people working from home, Walmart has picked up on an interesting trend: Tops have seen an increase in sales, while bottoms haven’t. The reason? Teleworking. That’s what Walmart’s executive vice president of corporate affairs Dan Bartlett told Yahoo Finance on Thursday. Later, a spokesman for the company told CNN the same…

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ETF analysis

Using KoyFin this morning to analyse ETFs and their holdings. Below is a screenshot from the solar ETF $TAN. You can check out the above dashboard via this link Amazingly quick & powerful. Can only be a matter of time before they start charging a monthly fee but a great free tool for the…

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When theres nothing to do

do nothing. For my process theres not alot for me to do as all major indexes are under the 200 sma so in the current environment all I am doing is taking a few day trades as & when. In my trend account I am long Gold, thats all the exposure I have outside of…

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Machines over media

China’s bounce back. “Researchers at WeBank mine satellite, GPS, and social media data to conclude that the Chinese economy is well on the way to recovering from COVID-19” “From that analysis, it appeared that, by 10 February, Tesla‚Äôs Shanghai car production had fully recovered” “While things picked up slowly, the WeBank researchers calculated that by…

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