Charting COVID effects

A16z have charted COVID in the following areas: Liquidity and lendingTradingSmall business impactConsumer bankingSocial distancing pursuits Some highlights: “And in looking at the data for the top 100 banks, we’re not seeing any significant increase in credit card charge-offs, which is often a canary in the coal mine for bankruptcies. It’s a stark divergence from…

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The other day I was running in the woods and lost most of my left foot down some kind of animal burrow thing. It hurt alot at the time. But managed to keep on running and pretty much ran it off. Five hours later started really hurting again to the point I couldnt walk on…

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Battery day

Later today is Tesla’s annual shareholders. Tesla looks to be going the same path as Apple. Bringing it all in. So eventually end up with full end to end control of production. Elon risked it all to change the world. One car at a time.

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Below is a table of critical materials after a review by the European Commission. Red shows materials classed with the highest supply risk. Scaling down to green which indicates no forecast supply risk. You can map key themes playing out in the stock market to the above table. Chips / processors Electric cars Alternative energy…

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Apple Google

The writings on the wall. Not a question of if. A question of when. “I have written extensively on this blog over the last decade and a half about the significant negative consequences that the two large mobile operating systems have on distribution of software. I am strongly opposed to the monopolies that Apple and…

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