Digital force

Every company has had a plan to digitise their company. Over the past 5 years everyone has been running digital transformation projects in one form or another. Everyone was talking about digital tranformation, everywhere. Google trends over the past 5 years for the term ‘digital transformation’. Digital transformation was a nice to have. Something nice…

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If you are depressed. You’re living in the past. If you are anxious. You’re living in the future. Live in the present. Building a more mindful world

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Sector rotation

Last week tech took a breather and started lagging the market as opposed to leading, which its been doing since COVID. They say sector rotation is the life blood of any uptrend, so its something bulls will be pleased to see. So far today, pre market, tech is back outperforming. Momentum Monday – Froth Corrects…

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As I’m getting older I ache more and more. I try & do some exercise every. I normally go running, and do some circuits or play a sport like tennis or golf. Since passing 40 I have noticed my knees hurt more and more. A trader I follow tweeted this the other day. 77 marathons…

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Job interviews

This morning on BBC business I saw a married couple being interviewed about their start up. It was a place for people to upload videos to sell themselves as opposed to the traditional CV. I think it was pitched as ‘CVs for the Snapchat generation’ Didn’t really excite me but I’m not the Snapchat generation.…

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Redmond weed

Have Microsoft been od’ing on the legal weed? On 07/06 Microsoft made an announcement that basically said if you are running Sharepoint Online, you need to get all your solutions migrated from Sharepoint designer workflows to power automate. If you could just get that done in the next couple of months before we turn it…

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