Crowdfund novel

The first. “Welcome to a new experiment: using crypto to crowdfund my new novel, working title BURN ALPHA. The supporters of $NOVEL would be the first of their kind, since no other novels have ever been created this way, in the history of literary culture :)” Funding Friday: Burn Alpha – AVC

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Costco business plan

Never realised everything you buy at Costco is at near cost. The clues in the name. They’re in the membership business. Selling products gets them membership fees. It works. Its a great business. Checkout the deck.

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All about NFTs

“The NFT Canon is a go-to resource for artists and creators, developers, corporations and institutions, communities and other organizations seeking to understand or do more with non-fungible tokens. It’s a curated list of readings and resources on all things NFTs (inspired by the a16z Crypto Canon), and is organized from the big picture of what NFTs…

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Got scraps

Ikeas got your back. A waste-less cookbook. “We believe the kitchen is the heart of the home.It’s where we gather, share, and celebrate ona daily basis. So it’s not surprising that, becauseof how much living we do there, the kitchen iswhere the most waste is produced — especiallyfood waste. It’s so easy for us to…

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