Paypal crypto

Its being reported that Paypal & their cash app Venmo are going to start offering members to by crypto straight from their apps. Another step closer to bringing crypto into the main stream. “Fintech giant PayPal plans to roll out direct sales of cryptocurrency to its 325 million users, according to three people familiar with…

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Football AI

ACRONIS HAS CONVINCED Europe’s most prestigious football clubs to trust it with their data—now, it plans to use that information to help them win more games. Founded by Serguei Beloussov, a Russian-born Singaporean serial entrepreneur with a taste for bow ties, Acronis provides data storage, backup, and cyber-protection services to businesses in over 150 countries.…

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We saw a boat called Peggotty on the river over the weekend. Looked like just another boat with a family onboard enjoying the river & the weather. A friend then noticed it had a plaque on it mentioning Dunkirk. Turns out it was one of the infamous little ships that made the journey to try…

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Zombie companies

What is a zombie company? “A zombie company is simply a company that is neither dead or alive. In other words, it is in so much debt that any cash generated is being used to pay off the interest on the debt or not actually reduce it, they have cut back as much as they…

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Robinhood pioneered fee free trading, in true robinhood style. Since Robinhood, all the big brokerages have followed, TD, Schwab etc. I always wondered how Robinhood were able to offer free trading to the masses, especially as their valuation sky rockets. I thought the business plan must be to up sell services and some data. If…

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Twitter has had trouble monetizing itself compared to the other social media platforms. Lots of tinkering and progress, albeit slow progress. Where will VoiceTwit fit? “Twitter is rolling out the ability to record audio snippets and attach them to your tweets. The new feature is available first on iOS and launching today for “a limited…

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Keepin honest

Your smartphone helps keep you honest. Apparently. “Shiri Melumad, an assistant professor of marketing at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, set out to determine why we express ourselves in a more intimate, personal style on our smartphones than on our personal computers—and how marketers can harness this behavior.”

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Powerpoint meetings

An inefficient medium for meetings. Alot will agree but alot still choose to use Powerpoint for their meetings. “Written materials transform board meetings. With most of us working remotely, many startups have thrown out Google slides and replaced them with Google sheets. It’s a fundamental change, and one I hope persists after work returns to…

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Digital Assets

GROWING NUMBER OF INSTITUTIONAL INVESTORS BELIEVE THAT DIGITALASSETS SHOULD BE A PART OF THEIR INVESTMENT PORTFOLIOS, ACCORDING TONEW RESEARCH FROM FIDELITY DIGITAL ASSETS. More U.S. investors are finding appeal in digital assets vs. a year ago. Investors in Europe are more likely to own digital assets and have a more progressive view of the asset…

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