High speed

First the Coronavirus fast forwarded home working by a few years. Now its brought forward streaming films to your home direct upon release. I think Universal went 1st, saying that by as early as Friday you will be able to stream whats currently playing in the cinemas to your home for around $14.99 per film.…

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Austria lockdown

Just returned from an Austrian ski resort. Today nearly all shops, hotel, restaurants etc have to close for an unknown amount of time. On our last few days everywhere had an eery feeling. Food was being reduced in restaurants as they had to get rid of it before the town goes into lockdown & the…

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Tech Survey 2020

“The Verge conducted its first national tech survey in the hangover of the 2016 US presidential election, when Americans were beginning to come to grips with the vast reach and influence of big tech platforms. That survey found that the public was increasingly skeptical of Facebook but was still reliant on it, saying they would…

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Forced adoption

Due to the spread of Coronavirus, companies of all sizes have taken precautionary measures from cancelling events, banning all but essential travel, and asking staff to work from home for multiple weeks. When this has all blown over. What will the long term impact be for those companies who were forced to adopt or die,…

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Year to date gains

Year to date gains are slim, very slim. The best performing and only positive sector YTD is Utilities, its eeked out a +0.63% gain I’m stalking the Solar ETF TAN, whilst energy is down -24%, Solar is +20% YTD.

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