Thinking linearly

Earlier this month VW hosted its Power Day. The markets liked what it heard. Teaching an old dog new tricks is hard. And takes a long time. Is Elon worried? I doubt it. I like the way ARK put it. “In ARK’s view, companies with ‘old world DNA’ are unlikely to transition quickly enough to…

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Monte carlo

Spent the morning running my Horse back systems through monte carlo simulations. Here are the results per staking plan. Based on 100,000 simulations per system. Back system 1: Systems performance to date looks like: And what it looks like to level stakes, percentage & Square root: Back system 2: Systems performance to date looks like:…

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Cheltenham day 1

A big lucky 31 to kick things off. Singles Win & Place 13:20Grumpy CharleyMetier 14:30Pym 15:05Silver Streak 16:15Druid’s AltarBalko SaintZoffanienHomme Public 16:50The Mighty DonSnow Leopardess

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