IRL recovery

I was watching Ivan & Howard rip through charts this morning on momentum monday. Couldn’t believe the IRL business charts. Holidays, live events, travel, casinos & resorts are back at or above pre pandemic levels. At the moment it feels to me that travel won’t return to any kind of normal until then end of…

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Dippy eggs

It’s been journey over Christmas. Sometimes undercooked. Sometimes overcooked. Now we have it down. Eggs in a pan with cold water. Put lid on pan and bring to the boil. Once water is boiling start a timer for 3 mins. Turn down the heat a bit so it doesn’t boil over. 3 minutes later. Dippy…

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Great song by Warren G and Nate dog back in the 90’s. Modern day regulators not as cool. But it creates opportunities as Fred Wilson talks about. “I believe that governments will respond to all of these economic challenges by continuing to print fiat money without restraint and by taxing and regulating innovative new companies…

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A chimps life

Only 3 chapters in to The Chimp Paradox and it makes so much sense. I am now very aware of my chimp. One of my favourite books to date is Thinking, Fast and Slow. Both books are talking about the same concept. Thinking fast. You cannot eliminate this. Its your immediate thought, reaction or opinion…

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Eddie the Eagle was on Channel 4 yesterday. What a great story. Great film for any kid. Or anyone with a dream. Never give up. And dreams do can come true.

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