Shoal bay

First thing in the morning I always look at the days racing on Inform Racing to see if anything stands out, at a good price. Today a horse called Shoal Bay running in the 15:20 at Ludlow looked good. The highest ever speed for this race was 87. Shoal Bay ran a speed of 92,…

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Digital dollar

“PayPal’s Venmo and Square’s Cash App have amassed roughly 60 million users organically in the last 10 and 7 years, respectively, a milestone that took J.P. Morgan more than 30 years and five acquisitions to reach” Ark Research. Money is going fully digital. I always tried to resist. But nowadays I very rarely have any…

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Mihail interview

Following on from my post the other day about CGMBet. “We will get into that in a moment but lets talk about your background before you came into being involved with CGM Bet? Thanks. So my name is Mihai and I live and work in Romania. I graduated from a technical university in the field…

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Football trades

Just running my filters in CGMbet for the next 7 days of football. Once you have your criteria, you can save it and then just run it whenever you want. In the above I am filtering the next 7 days of matches that meet me criteria. Takes a couple of minutes vs many hours if…

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Howard Lindzon tweeted this photo yesterday. “I could not get it out” Theres bunkers. And theres bunkers. This one is on the 15th at Scottsdale National. Founded by the owner of GoDaddy, Bob Parsons. Looks a pretty special course. Check it out. Added to the list.

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Regular savings

I wanted to look at adding some small, monthly, regular investments in specific names in my SIPP. But you can’t. Well you can. But regular small investments will get eaten up by charges. Say I wanted to put £25 a month in to an ETF or stock. I would only end up with about 50%…

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