Bought my first digital art yesterday. Transferred some Ether to my wallet. And made the purchase. It seemed to go through relatively easy. Although I dont really know what went on behind the scenes. Took about 10 seconds for the transaction to complete. I can see it on Gas fees were 200% of the…

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Data trails

Sign of the times. Data. The Talibans biggest weapon. “As the Taliban swept through Afghanistan in mid-August, declaring the end of two decades of war, reports quickly circulated that they had also captured US military biometric devices used to collect data such as iris scans, fingerprints, and facial images. Some feared that the machines, known…

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Blockchain stats

Following on from yesterdays post. rareliquid on Twitter: “Updated Solana comparison chart with a new row added in with number of applications on the platform” / Twitter

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“SBF and a16z provided crucial votes of confidence and served as catalysts that have helped Solana break out from a crowded pack, but the blockchain’s long-term success will come back to those two questions:  Can they attract developers?  Can those developers attract users?  It’s looking good. The momentum is building.” Solana Summer – by Packy…

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Maturing crypto

Couple of pretty big stories out this morning. “PayPal to let UK users buy, hold and sell cryptocurrencies. It comes after the launch of the same service in the US which was then followed by a Checkout with Crypto feature, enabling PayPal users to actually spend their crypto when making purchases with online merchants.”…

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