Steady 9 holes early this morning on the local par 3, nice way to start the day, & week. Missed a few birdie opportunities. Fine margins.

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Dark mode for devs

But seemingly, not for much else? “Unfortunately, Apple’s marketing claims about Dark Mode’s benefits fly in the face of the science of human visual perception. Except in extraordinary situations, Dark Mode is not easy on the eyes, in any way. The human eyes and brain prefer dark-on-light, and reversing that forces them to work harder…

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We were recently contacted by the local waterboard saying that we need to connect to a new water main as our current piping was approx 100 years old & with age leaking, quite badly. To make this happen we would need to run a pipe from the house, about 15 metres under the patio out…

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Digital vs Physical

Yesterday the so called digital gold (bitcoin), had a very different day to the major gold ETF, as you can see in the chart below: Physical continued its uptrend & tacked on 0.53% Whilst bitcoin shed 11% approx, straight down to around 8000 support. These are fascinating times we are living in, looking forward to…

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