Bloody Thursday

Everyone was expecting it. Everyone was waiting for it. No one knew when. Alot. Alot of money has been missed on the way up. After such a big one day fall we would expect a bounce today. Whether that lasts. Time will tell.

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Lifes a beach

Your office with a new view every day. Anywhere you want. Any view you choose. Sounds good? People being forced to work from home due to COVID, are realising it doesnt matter where they work. As long as the work gets done who cares? Extreme remote workers are buying RV’s and working out of them,…

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When sports betting and trading stocks collide. “Professional investors have largely abandoned the stock market amid the coronavirus pandemic, but sports bettors and bored millennials have jumped into the retail stock trading market with both feet. Why it matters: They may be a driving force pushing U.S. stocks to their recent highs — and potentially driving…

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Ether coin

“This is “ironic” to Camila Russo, author of “The Infinite Machine“, a forthcoming book about Ethereum, but she’s not surprised. Ethereum was designed to be “more flexible,” Russo explained, which allows these tokenized protocols to “thrive.” Bitcoin, on the other hand, was built “to do one thing well, which is to transfer value trustlessly and…

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Record volume

The NASDAQ closed red yesterday. Its been on a hell of a run. Back to all time highs in 50 odd days. Checkout yesterdays record volume. Massive volume can often indicate a change in trend. Some big people did some big things in yesterdays market. One to watch.

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