Prescriptions by drone

On November 1st a partnership between CVS & UPS completed the first every prescription drone delivery to a customers home.

“The deliveries were completed on November 1, 2019, using the M2 drone system created by UPS in partnership with Matternet.

The flights launched from a CVS in Cary, before flying autonomously, while being monitored by a remote operator, and completing delivery at two separate destinations including a retirement home.

The drone then hovered 20 feet over the delivery destination before lowering the prescription to the ground via a cable and winch system.

CVS Pharmacy president, Kevin Hourican, said: “This drone delivery, the first of its kind in the industry, demonstrates what’s possible for our customers who can’t easily make it into our stores.”

As blogged about before, when this tech goes mainstream (a long way off yet) this will be life changing, especially for certain demographics & geographics.

Landmark drone delivery.


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