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Crypto regs

Just had Fred Wilsons daily email. Crypto regs. A positive. “But here is the good news. The crypto sector has come together to get the language changed in a way that I have never seen before. Everyone in crypto is working together, staying on message, working all of the avenues, and creating the appropriate amount…

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Stan Weinstein

“Whenever a breakout occurs with a stock moving into virgin territory (it’s never traded there before), this is the most bullish situation you can buy. Think about it. There isn’t one person who is long and has a loss.” – Stan Weinstein The above is a very very good book.

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Trodden path

Elon. $TSLA “Henry Ford’s Model T was the visionary breakthrough that brought motor vehicle ownership to millions of ordinary middle class people and opened up a new era of mobility for people and goods. In an era when the horse and the railroad reigned supreme as the means of land transport the Model T had…

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