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Flying again

I was out running earlier. Watched a BA passenger jet fly over head. Made me think. With an estimated two thirds of the worlds passenger jets grounded due to COVID. Whats the increased risk for the first flights? Alot of these planes will have lay dormant for a year or more. I know nothing about…

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Privacy investing

Consumer privacy. Apple $AAPL immediately springs to mind. Privacy has been a big part of Apple’s playbook since 2014. The black sheep among the tech titans in this regard. Just a couple of weeks ago. As the next generations demand privacy. Apple or Android? But where else can you play the privacy theme? Searching Google…

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Feels like a major theme playing out in the coming years. Need to spend some time to see how it can be best backed in the public markets.

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Mobile 2021

Mobile adoption advanced 2 – 3 years in the last 12 months. The state of mobile 2021. Read the industry’s leading mobile report covering everything you need to know about how to win on mobile in the new normal of 2021, including: Which high-growth and emerging sectors are poised for mobile disruption: how to monitor shifts in…

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Presidential cycle

The markets feel frothy. They have been on an epic run. Despite COVID, Trump etc. My scans this weekend didn’t throw up any new longs. The 1st time in quite a while. The below chart from McClellan was in this weeks rotation report. Shows us that historically we’re likely in for a few months of…

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The big fleet

“We’re selling our house and moving out of SF. Where should we go and why?” Justin Kan, a serial entrepreneur who co-founded Twitch, asked on Twitter in August. San Francisco’s Tech Workers Are Leaving the Bay Area – The New York Times (

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Facebook $FB is on watch for the next few weeks down here. Ideally it would breach the 200 similar to late 2018 or early 2020. Will be looking to buy on a break back above.

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Chicken tikka

I saw these yesterday in the supermarket. Thought that looks like good chicken tikka! Turns out it non meat tikka strips. So I put it back. Then I thought it looks really good. So picked it back up and put it in the basket. Last night we had tikka & chips. It was suprisingly good.…

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