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The first time I have been regularly getting the train in a few years. In my last 7 days I think there has only been 1 day where there were no issues. All other days there have been delays, cancellations, having to get off at a different stop as the train is no longer calling…

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Car battles

I watched Le Mans 66 over the weekend, based on a true story about the battle between Ford & Ferrari to win Le Mans in the 1970s. Ford won that battle (at least in the film they did). Today Ford is battling Tesla with the release of an EV, Ford Mustang. Tesla are battling Ford…

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Facebook Pay

With Libra facing gale force type headwinds, Facebook have now announced Facebook Pay. Facebook Pay will enable P2P payments between users in the Facebook ecosystem, Messenger, Instagram etc without leaving the actual apps & cutting out the banks in the process. “The social network said the service would allow users to send money or make…

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