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I was looking at the Google Map API’s for a project when I came across timelime. I was looking how to present markers on a map to represent a timeline so this seemed ideal. Turns out it was my timeline of where I’ve been & when whilst logged into Google Maps. Which if you dont…

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Snap Facebook

Look at the Facebook $FB chart in its early days after IPO in 2014. This is what Snapchat $SNAP looks like today. Chart patterns repeat. $SNAP added to my watchlist.

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Opt in thought bubbles

Been thinking for a long time that I cant wait for thought bubbles to become a thing. The idea that people’s thoughts actually get projected IRL above their heads. So walking around you can see what the people are thinking as you walk past them, what they are thinking in meetings and so on. People…

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ARK Invest Big Ideas 2020

Looking for new invesment thesis’s for 2020, Ark provide great research in their 2020 report covering the following areas: Deep Learning — From Vision to Language Streaming Media — The Primary Technology Behind Content Distribution Electric Vehicles — Faster Adoption Than Most Think Automation — Increased Productivity and More Jobs 3D Printing — An Underestimated…

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