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Tesla model

The best selling luxury car in the US.

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Day trading

Having a bit of time off before starting on a new programme of work, messing about with no code tools earlier in the week, I created a simple mobile app for tracking progress of stuff you are doing. Today I have setup a new desktop to do some day trading on the US markets. Simple…

Day Trading

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Image text search

A few weeks ago Google announced that Google Photos can now search for text that appears in any image or photo. With the speed & quality of the camera on our phones we take photos more and more to quickly archive or file information. The ability to quickly retrieve this by a text search that…

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Green keepers

Haven’t played golf for about a week as it’s rained everyday, figured the conditions would be pretty grim. However decided to give it a go today, in between rain showers The state of the course is amazing, you would never know it’s rained everyday for the last 7. I don’t know how they do it…

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Book the bar

Open concept is trying to shake up the bar industry, instead of buying drinks at the bar, you book a slot at the bar and pay per hour, drinks included. For this to work I think you need to be a bar as opposed to a boozer, 10 bucks an hour in a boozer will…

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