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I had a VC with my cousin yesterday to discuss a new business venture, we did this using Zoom. It was the first time I’d used Zoom but had heard lots of hype around it. It did what it said on the tin but didn’t see anything that went past what you’d expect from any…

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Prescriptions by drone

On November 1st a partnership between CVS & UPS completed the first every prescription drone delivery to a customers home. “The deliveries were completed on November 1, 2019, using the M2 drone system created by UPS in partnership with Matternet. The flights launched from a CVS in Cary, before flying autonomously, while being monitored by…

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Sharepoint Online & modern search

In classic Sharepoint we have the ability to create very customised & tailored search experinces to address specific use cases. In modern Sharepoint the search service is provided to us as-is from Microsoft. If you are frustrated by this, good news maybe on the horzion as Bill Baer has just announced this at MS Ignite:…

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