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Beer and kebabs

Last day of holiday so only right to have a few beers and kebabs, when in Greece and all. Nice to have a break but looking forward to reviewing the markets when I get back. I think the markets have been acting well and near all time highs whilst I’ve been away. No changes in…

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NHS Alexa

A great example of using technology to help ease the burden on our over worked under staffed health system. One for eco & sustainability would be big as well, when your in the kitchen: “Alexa what’s the best way to dispose of…” “Alexa, what’s an eco friendly alternative for cooking oil” Global relevance, massive…

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Bubbling hot

It’s been mid thirties in Corfu everyday since we’ve been here. We bought a mixture of sun creams, started off using Lidl’s Cien factor 30. Used this for the 1st 3 days and no sun burn. Then on day 4 went to Boots own brand factor 30, and we both got sun burnt and I…

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Toyota is the god father of lean manufacturing, for problem solving on the production line they introduced the five why’s. For example: As always, it’s the simple things,

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Beautiful country, so hot but very green, presume they must have a rainy season which keeps all the trees and plants fresh and colourful.

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