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Personality test

Just did a personality test @ “YOUR PERSONALITY TYPE IS – ENT: The Reformers ENTJs like yourself are a rare personality type and make up only 2.2% of the population.” Makes sense. I do think differently to most people. 97.8% of people as it turns out. Strangely accurate: “As an ENTJ, you are a…

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Media madness

New services are coming out all the time. Deals. Collabs. A nice infographic by ReCode gives a good overview. From Amazon, Apple, Comcast, and AT&T: Who owns the media today – Vox Though. Its probably out of date. Now.

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Handmade Zerowaste

My cousins wife has launched a new website. Zero waste. Hand made. “During my journey as a new mum, battling with our baby´s multiple food allergies, I learned so much as to what goes into our food, our clothes, and what damage we do to our planet.  This has inspired me to create practical items…

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