I had a dental appointment today for a check up. Whilst sat in the chair I thought why did I have to travel here? Why am I sat in a dental chair? Why has it just cost me £40 for 3 minutes effort?

Surely a combination of my iPhone & cognitive services I can do a check up to a fairly high standard, when & where I want?

With the speed of tech innovation if not today, surely it must be soon.

I imagine it to work something like this:

  • Register with the dental app
  • Upon registration you scan your mouth from different angles, like you do for facial recognition etc
  • This goes to a dentist to review & they tag any teeth or gum areas where there are any potential issues. We now have the baseline.
  • I can now carry out my own check ups when & wherever I want via the app
  • Each checkup you carry out gets compared against your baseline as well as a ever growing database of teeth for any potential issues.
  • Any issues flagged, get rated & you can then either pay for a cyber dentist to review online, or you can book into a local dentist for further consultation and remedial work

A quick Google search & it seems things are being worked on

Mainstream surely can’t be far off.


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