Never miss a checkup

I made a post last year about my dental visit

Is there a need for 80% of checkups to be done in person with todays tech?

Yesterday I heard about a new app called Pearlii

How it works:

  • Upload photos of your mouth & teeth from your phone
  • They use Artifical Intelligence to scan your photos to highlight any issues with your teeth or gums that may need closer inspection

This feels like the right model.

Initial checkup from home.

If any amber flags book to see a IRL dentist.

Once you are in the system, the AI will start noticing any changes from your baselines as time goes on so will become more accurate.

They are already saying AI can detect serious disease better than surgeons in certain circumstances.

Its only going to get better & more accurate.

This becomes even more relevant in the post crona world?


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