Checking my junk mail folder this morning, one of the emails in there went like this:

“This is crazy…

I just read that accidental drug overdose is now the leading cause of accidental death in America. (And half of those deaths are from prescription drugs!)

This means that your doctor could be prescribing addictive drugs that could accidentally kill you.

So if you’re someone that uses prescription drugs to relieve pain, or you’re just looking for a natural pain remedy that works, then you’re going to love what I’m going to tell you next…

Because my friend has been growing a very special plant on his family farm…

One that helps everything from mood to joint pain…

It was even used all the way back in 2737 BC, when Emperor Shen Nung wrote that it relieved his pain and dietary issues.

What is this special plant?

And why is everybody from emperors to celebrities raving about its ability to reduce joint pain, improve your mood and get you better sleep?

Find out here”

This reminded about numerous conversations I have had with older family members & friends in recent months.

I could not believe how many of them were regularly using CBD oil for pain & joint relief, and they talk about it like a miracle like cure.

Below is a chart of the dope ETF, MJ.

As you can see, its been a volatile, rough ride but.

People are living much longer, which will naturally bring on other conditions that come with even older age.

If CBD & associated products really do work, which they seem to, you can see this chart going higher & higher in the years to come, the TAM, seemingly is enormous.


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