Drone airline

Yesterday UPS got approval to become a fully fledged drone airline, well almost.

United Parcel Service Inc. said Tuesday that its drone subsidiary was awarded an airline certificate last week by the Federal Aviation Administration.

It seems they see UPS as a safe pair of hands to work with, to potentially pave the way to consumer delivery over suburbs and cities longer term, being that UPS are the first U.S. company to get such a broad approval from the FAA.

Although a big step forward they will still be limited to drone operation & deliveries across campuses and similar, think univerties, colleges, hospitals, office campuses etc.

To allow delivery drones over cities & residential areas seems inevitable, but you can imagine all the planning, governance & testing to make this happen, the FAA have not written these regualtions yet but you can be sure they will be working on them.

Drones are already making a massive impact in other countries with less regulation & more need, eg. delivering medical supplies in a matter of minutes or hours as opposed to days in hard to reach and previously inaccessible areas.

This is a big step forward for drones, & the potential people they will no doubtly serve & save lives for in the years to come.


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