What is it?

Kaizala is Microsoft’s new messaging app, on the surface introduced to rival WhatsApp.

I haven’t used it but you can read about it here

My first thoughts were, this is going to be another Microsoft flop like Windows phone or Zune (their portable music player to rival the iPod).

I don’t think Facebook will be too worried, it seems to have some cool features, but Facebook will copy any worth copying & integrate them into WhatsApp, like Snapchat –> Instagram.

Also Facebook seem to be looking to integrate micro services into WhatsApp and try & make it a WeChat like, mobile life hub. WhatsApp’s first step into this world looks to be enabling digital payments through chat, be it FaceCoin or something more mainstream initially.

However Kaizala integrates with Office 365, so it may achieve a significant user base with in the business community just through this & I’d imagine this is where Microsoft are expecting to get their initial traction. Office 365 has approx 200 million monthly active users, not a bad place to start.

Now Nadella has rebooted Microsoft and technology increasingly blurring our personal & work lives, you wouldn’t bet against Kaizala coming to a smartphone near you soon, especially if you are an Office 365 user.


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