Beyond Meat Inc

Today I bought some Beyond Meat stock for my pension.

My core pension is cost dollar averaging the S&P500 each month.

Outside of that I have a portfolio of stocks around themes that over the next 20 – 25 years will potentially be part of our everyday lives, think digital payments, crypto, weed, drones, alternative energy etc

Beyond adds a new theme to my portfolio, plant based meat alternatives. Plant based meat sales have started out pacing normal meat sales, approx 30% of Americans say they are trying to cut down their meat in take although the majority claim they love meat.

From a sustainability view we need to start eating less meat & veganism seems to be everywhere. Many companies will crop up in the coming years in this industry, some will lose, most may lose, but some will make it & make it big, will Beyond?

I’ve put a reminder in my calendar to revisit this post in 2039.


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