Got my fix

“Dude I caught my tube today!”, well not quite but I did get my first fix.

My fix contained five items:

  • Shorts
  • 2 x Shirts (long & short sleeved)
  • T shirt
  • Polo shirt

My initial reaction was that I would return them all, but StitchFix encourage you to try on all the items & leave feedback via the app. Each item you get asked to rate about 5 different things eg. Size, Fit, Quality, Price etc

So I tried on all the items & I ended up keeping the long sleeved shirt, I would never have picked it up in the shop, but after trying it on, the cut was good & I liked the look and feel, sold.

So even though I only kept one item, I fed back my training data to the algo’s, looking forward to my next fix ! (Will be interesting to see how this fix differs from a fix in 12 months time, we shall see)


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