Skills shortage

Engineers are the most in-demand professionals in the US, this means hiring & then retaining is a headache for a lot of companies.

According to Glassdoor, 50% of software developers plan on switching jobs in the next 12 months. Top quality engineers have the luxury of picking only the best companies to work for, your Microsoft’s, Google’s, Salesforce’s Facebook’s etc.

These companies typically offer free food & drink, vibrant office environments, great social areas, flexible working, hairdressers, masseuse’s, wellness facilities & just a cool vibe to be part of. Facebook even offer upto $20,000 for egg freezing, and $4000 ‘Baby cash’ for all employees with a new born.

So with a shortage of skilled engineers, who have the pick of who & where they work, how do your older more traditional businesses attract top engineering talent or do they just accept average?

We haven’t even mentioned the startup scene competing in the same arena.


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