Heavy nights & automation

Had a heavy night last night, went out for a few drinks after work & a few turned into a lot, as they always tend to.

Didn’t make it to the golf course so logging last nights sports trades, slowly.

I love trading, financial markets or sports markets, as long as they’re liquid they are tradable.

I trade football & horses mainly, on a weekend there are 00’s of games, this would mean from midday until night time I would typically be on my phone looking at Betfair every 30 seconds, this was not sociable & not good for relationships as you can imagine.

Recognising this I decided I needed to automate my sports trading. Problems like this make you search for solutions, which means you learn & grow as a person.

Now instead of being on my phone looking at Betfair 10 hours a day, I have a simplified 2 step process:

  • Run a query to return all the days games that match my criteria for trading – 1 minute
  • Load all the games returned into my bot – 3 minutes

I’ve reduced something that would consume me for 10 hours a day in to under 5 minutes, with the added bonus of removing me from the equation, my trading is now 100% systematic, an automated process with zero emotion.

As any trader will know, emotions & trading don’t end well……..


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