Tech Survey 2020

“The Verge conducted its first national tech survey in the hangover of the 2016 US presidential election, when Americans were beginning to come to grips with the vast reach and influence of big tech platforms. That survey found that the public was increasingly skeptical of Facebook but was still reliant on it, saying they would miss the company’s products if they disappeared. Amazon, on the other hand, remained deeply popular with the American people: a majority of those surveyed said they “greatly liked it.”

Two and a half years later, in the lead-up to another presidential election, those trends have accelerated. A bigger proportion of the population holds a highly favorable view of Amazon, while more people have a very unfavorable view of Facebook than they did in 2016.”

More importantly, Americans generally believe the biggest tech companies have too much power and ought to be split up. Among survey respondents:

  • 56 percent said the government should break up tech companies if they control too much of the economy
  • 72 percent said that Facebook has too much power
  • 51 percent said Google and YouTube should be split into separate companies


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