Forced adoption

Due to the spread of Coronavirus, companies of all sizes have taken precautionary measures from cancelling events, banning all but essential travel, and asking staff to work from home for multiple weeks.

When this has all blown over.

What will the long term impact be for those companies who were forced to adopt or die, & successfully pivoted to a work from home culture with little or no real impact?

In modern times the pivot is relatively simple from a technical perspective, Zoom, Google Hangout, Slack, MS Teams have got your back.

There will always be industries & companies where real people need to be in physical locations.

But there are many jobs where connectivity & applications have made physical location irrelevant.

When its all over.

Are the companies who sucessfully pivoted going to pull the plug and revert back to standard operating procedure.

Or are they going to think:

  • We dont need as much expensive office real estate
  • We can help our employees have a better work life balance
  • We can do our bit to help the environment

Is Coronavirus the catalyst that changed the way the masses work forever?

Or did it just fast forward the adoption cycle by a few years?

Looking back one of the above will be true.

If we survive.


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