The new shopping frontier

Reading a blog post from Howard Lindzon this morning, looks like short video is the future of shopping.

Seventy percent of Amazon shoppers never click past the first page of search results. That’s because the platform’s homogenized product listings—title, price, photo, and star rating—are built for search, not discovery. As a result, sales are more about SEO, less about finding new or innovative products.

By contrast, discovery-driven video platforms like Douyin (the Chinese version of TikTok) and Kwai have one simple rule for acquiring an audience: be entertaining. You might think that, sans search, the viral potential of everyday products like phone screen protectors would be low. Douyin proves that’s not the case: Rather than claiming to be the safest phone screen protector, why not show its durability with drop videos and unexpected use cases?”

The Video-First Future of Ecommerce


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