Buses n Bees

Utrecht has created over 300 bee friendly bus stops.

The unusually warm summer has taken it out of the poor bees wings and they can’t get to parts of the city they need.

The City of Utrecht Council has come to the rescue.

Now the bees can wait in comfort for the next bus, buzz on & buzz back off when they reach their destination.

I think we can say Utrecht is a truly inclusive city.

Seriously I wonder how many bees have taken a lift on a Utrecht bus, I’m sure some will have had the initiative.

Utrecht—Holland’s fourth-largest city—has fitted its 316 bus stops with succulent-covered roofs, LED lighting, and bamboo benches. Not only do the green roofs support the city’s biodiversity by creating a new haven for different types of bees, but they also store rainwater and capture fine dust. The green roofs are mainly composed of sedum plants, which require little maintenance but will attract honeybees and bumblebees with their flowers.

Holland Turns Over 300 Bus Stops into Green Roof Ecosystems for Bees


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