HealthTech & 97%

97%, thats the accuracy rate for Alexa detecting agonal breathing from up to 20ft away. Researchers at the University of Washington trained Alexa using machine learning to detect the gasping breathing sound thats a tell tale sign someone might be suffering cardiac arrest.

Cardiac arrest is the biggest cause of natural deaths, detection time is a big deal in whether someone survives or dies.

Apple have introduce ECG and irregular rhythm notification features in to their Apple watch series. These features detect for irregular heart activity & allow people to carry out ECG’s at home. All the data is exportable so you can share with you local GP.

HealthTech is big, for the users, the health service & the manufacturers. Same as any new tech, its only available to the fortunate people who can afford them, but as the same in any tech cycle, features will increase and costs to purchase will come down.

After a maturity phase, you could see the NHS in the UK (and other health services) supplying this kind of stuff to patients, and probably can’t come soon enough.


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