Indicate or innovate

Indicating, or more to the point not indicating when driving a car really winds me up, and more & more, indicating is getting less & less.

Driving to the office today, the three cars in front of me all pulled off the dual carriageway, none of them indicated, despite travelling at around 60 – 70 mph.

After parking my car, I walked to the office, a car went right, round the roundabout, no indication. A car did the same yesterday & nearly ran me over, and the day before.

I have been noticing the trend for maybe a couple of years, not indicating is becoming the norm, & indicating the exception, well not quite but its getting there!

Is it because we’re getting lazier, changes in generations on the roads, changes in driver cultures on the roads? Probably some of all three.

I would love to see people become accountable for poor driving. How about the relevant government bodies & insurance companies get together and launch a digital coin, where people get rewarded for good driving & penalized for bad driving.

With todays technology in cars & mapping technology, it would be easy to see if someone indicated & more to the point if they should have indicated. Driving costs go up for poor (lazy) drivers & come down for good drivers.

It would be good to see, but will semi autonomous cars negate the need sooner rather than later, hopefully one or the other.

(Another trend I am noticing, people indicating right & going left or vice versa, not sure if thats something to do with modern cars, beer or just people going mad)


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