337 a day

That’s the number of new employees on average that Amazon employ every day. They will need to work faster if they are going to fill the 28,000 current open positions they are recruiting for.

This is where Amazons most powerful woman, Beth Galetti, SVP of HR, comes in.

 “If we’re going to hire tens of thousands–or now hundreds of thousands–of people a year, we can’t afford to live by manual processes and manual transactions”

Before joining Amazon Galetti had no experience working in Human Resources.

Reminds me of a time when I did a HR transformation project for the NHS, NHS advertised positions, always had the line ‘Previous NHS experience essential’.

For this particular project, the project sponsor flipped this on its head & built a project team of people who specifically had zero NHS experience.

In the case of Galetti, when Amazon offered her the HR role, she thought they a had mixed up their CV’s somehow.

Her first move was to immerse herself in the company’s unique culture.….. 


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