Brain fry

My brain is fried, been trying to work out a problem in a piece of code for most of the day, what appears perfectly logical & should work, just keeps throwing the same error to the point I’ve now gone brain dead.

Back in my early days in IT, where I was predominately Microsoft, when we had problems like this, we would try & solve our problem using Technet. Technet was a folder of about 30 CD-ROMs that contained 0000’s of MS KB articles back in those days. If you couldn’t solve it using Technet your next port of call would be opening a ticket with MS.

Today thanks to the Internet & online communities, I have posted my current issue to a forum, chances are when I check back over the weekend I will have had some replies, & probably someone telling me I had a ‘ in the wrong place.

Next time your brain is fried & you hit a brick wall you know what to do.


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