Destination or die

Yesterday Debenhams fell in to administration, it seems like Britains biggest & most famous names on the high street are disappearing one by one, day by day.

People & habits have been & are going through major transformation, primarily through the speed of innovation and technology touching every part of our daily lives.

Lives get busier and we expect (and normally can) get anything we want from within a matter of minutes to maybe a day via our smart phones.

Walk down any high street, through most shopping centres & malls and its pretty depressing. Lots of empty shops & retail spaces, & the things that seem to be thriving are coffee & vape shops, actually not pretty, very depressing.

Going shopping physically is no longer the necessity it used to be, back in the day when these businesses were thriving.

To get people back, the high streets, shopping centres & malls need to transform to the new world. Going shopping needs to become an experience, a fun thing to do with all the family, a great bonding experience that you can & will never get online.

With the announcement of The worlds biggest Primark opening in Birmingham, they are moving to this, creating a destination, not just another store.

The Disney Cafe

Some of the offerings from the new ‘shopping destination’ include:

  • A beauty studio for nails, make-up, hair, eyebrows and lashes
  • Duck & Dry Xpress blow dry bar
  • A Gentlemans barbers
  • 3 eateries & cafe areas
  • Disney themed cafe & shopping area
  • Hogwarts wizarding world area
  • Custom T-shirt printing lab
  • Free WiFi & charging points

The fact Primark don’t offer online shopping might actually turn out to be one of the biggest feathers in their bow.

The only problem I see, people might visit & forget they actually came to do some shopping….


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