Down the pub

Here in the UK pubs are closing down at an alarming rate, a quick Google search gives you an idea of how quickly this is happening

Its not just in the UK, my favourite dive bars in NYC have been closing down also. Why is this happening?

There are many reasons talked about, from business & VAT rates to affordability to changing ethnicity ratios.

Fortunately the places I have lived in we have always managed to keep the majority of our pubs, but I’m not sure how long for. People in their 30’s – 40’s seem the be the last generation of ‘boozers’, you just don’t see teenagers & people in their 20’s in the pub anymore. Their ‘pub’ is virtual, a combination of Netflix, Instagram, YouTube, Tinder, Spotify, Uber Eats etc is the new pub for these generations, physical location is irrelevant.

The pub is a great place, nothing I like more than sitting at the bar and chatting to random people, conversations that start with one or two people can often end up having ten people in before you know it, and you’re chatting to lots of new people, making acquaintances, new friends, business contacts, widening ‘your circle’ via the power of compounding, and best of all at the bar !

Through no fault of their own, the younger generations are missing out on these real life interactions (not just down the pub) & are having the need to train & study in technology & IT disciplines painted to them as the holy grail for a successful future life, which it maybe.

But somewhere down the line, if there’s no one left to tell the story, how much tech talent will we actually need ?

Everything (nearly) goes full circle…..


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