The manual thing

In a previous post I talked about how I was consumed pretty much all weekend by sports trading & how I now have it fully automated so it only takes me a few minutes to set & forget.

I realised shortly after writing the post thats not entirely true, my trading is automated but my house keeping is still very manual. It takes me a couple of hours each weekend to record all the trades that were placed & there outcomes row by row in a Excel spreadsheet.

Journalling your trades is a vital part of the process, often what you think is happening & what is actually happening are quite different, & you don’t realise it until you see it in black & white. This allows you to clearly see what’s working & what is not working & refine your process accordingly.

I should be able to automate 90% of this as all the events are transactional & are available to me via the providers API’s. I am thinking I will do the data extraction & transformation using a Python script running in Azure & then use Airtable as my presentation layer.

If your not familiar with Airtable check it out…


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