Red hot

Below is yesterdays stock heatmap across the S&P500 sectors, there’s a few specs of green if you look closely enough. Despite all the doom & gloom in the media we are still only about 5% from all time highs, you would think it was more like 30% No one knows whats going to happen so…

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Finance 2.0

Fred Wilson & USV have been early investors in many early trends, and they are active, early investors in blockchain start ups, think Coinbase. In a post ‘Open Finance First Open Data Second‘ he shares a slide of how they see this panning out over time. I believe we are a few years away from…

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South American haircut

Yesterday Argentina’s stock market fell 48%, the 2nd biggest one day loss in 70 years. Sri Lanka takes top spot with a near 62% fall in 1989. I have followed and traded a relatively under followed Argentinian financial services company for a while called Grupo Fin Galicia (GGAL). I will be keeping a close eye…

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Hot or not

Tom Tunguz posted some interesting data last week about where seed investors are putting their money to work. This gives us a good insight into the future. Blockchain is parabolic. FinTech & AI are hoovering up cash. BIG data, in Toms words: ‘Big Data’s heyday is yesterday. The world has moved on from MapReduce jobs…

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Yesterday’s algos ran well on the over 1.5 market. Didn’t have time to trade them all as was out for lunch and at the racing, regardless always good to see how they would have performed.

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Skills shortage, its real

Technology & innovation is moving at breakneck pace. In the next 15 – 20 years the big banks we have associated with our high streets all our lives probably won’t exist anymore, FinTech & crypto are coming for them in a big way. Our children will probably look back & think our banking systems we’re…

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Streaming wars

A good read on the streaming wars going on, well Disney CEO says they are not after Netflix with Disney ++ so we might not be at war, yet.

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Death stream

Saw an article this morning saying that about 20% of US funeral parlours offer live streaming services. My initial reaction was probably like yours, something like ‘thats just wrong’ But after thinking about it, more so in the US than the UK, I wonder how many families can’t make a loved ones funeral due to…

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Buses n Bees

Utrecht has created over 300 bee friendly bus stops. The unusually warm summer has taken it out of the poor bees wings and they can’t get to parts of the city they need. The City of Utrecht Council has come to the rescue. Now the bees can wait in comfort for the next bus, buzz…

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Manic Monday

Yesterday US markets had their biggest one day drop of 2019. Gold, the asset typically associated with being a safe haven asset rose just short of 1.5%. Some people are calling Bitcoin the new safe haven asset, yesterday among all the market turmoil managed double digit gains as you can see in the chart below.…

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