Regular savings

I wanted to look at adding some small, monthly, regular investments in specific names in my SIPP.

But you can’t.

Well you can.

But regular small investments will get eaten up by charges.

Say I wanted to put £25 a month in to an ETF or stock.

I would only end up with about 50% of that actually invested in the stock.

The rest would be dealing fees in making the purchase.

Vanguard do the closest, fee free trading in their SIPP but only in their own funds.

People need to be able to do this in pensions, ISAs etc.

They should be able to regularly save for themselves or their children in a low fee, tax efficient manner.

With people living longer and the pension deficit.

Basic things like this should be a priority.

We already have fee free stock trading with the likes of Robinhood etc.

Time to fix for the longer term and the future generations.


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