Eating out out

Eating out out on the streets of NYC is looking to go permanent.

“The Open Restaurants program has changed New York City’s streetscape over these last several months, and now this Administration will work to make that permanent,” said Deputy Mayor for Operations Laura Anglin. “The program has helped save tens of thousands of jobs and has been an essential lifeline to an industry that has faced enormous hardships during this pandemic. And as we extend outdoor dining into the winter months we will work closely with restaurants to ensure the correct heating systems are put in place to keep customers and themselves safe.”

“Very happy for every business, every patron and every New Yorker who has helped make outdoor dining a permanent success,” said Ariel Palitz, Senior Executive Director of the Office of Nightlife at the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment. “While there is much more work to do for the nightlife industry at large, the thousands of restaurants and bars moving into the street has created a new café culture that is working to preserve livelihoods and neighborhoods in the face of a pandemic in invincible New York City.”

A new cottage industry is about to take flight.

The ingenuity wave of solutions enabling seamless ‘eat from the street’ will be one to watch.

A new norm beckons.


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