“In just two years, the total supply of stablecoins has grown twenty
fold to more than $180B today. Stablecoins have emerged as a
linchpin of the crypto ecosystem, providing stability in contrast to
the volatility of most cryptocurrencies. The rise of stablecoins is a
recent phenomena and the ecosystem is fast evolving. The design
space for stablecoins has expanded dramatically, encompassing a
broad range of economic mechanisms. The stakes are growing as
governments increasingly evaluate digital fiat currency while
private stablecoin issuers compete for market share. In this datadriven report written by the Northeastern University Blockchain
Club with data and support from Coin Metrics, we break down
the stablecoin landscape today, the key measures of its growth,
and the possible future paths for this burgeoning sector of the

The Cambrian Explosion of Stablecoins.pdf (


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