Was doing Wim’s breathing exercises this morning.

He talks about entering a different part of the brain.

Where there are no thoughts.

No stress.

Everything is slow.

Everything is calm.

It feels good.

When you can get there.

I thought how can I incorporate in to daily life.

Gears came to mind.

I operate in 1st gear 24/7.

High revs.



Just like with a car.

You should be spending very little time in 1st gear.

And most of your time in 5th gear.

Like on a car on a long journey.

Just cruising along.

Very little noise.

Little friction.

And no stress.

I started thinking about this.

As I didnt have a great weekend with my OCD.

Its just finding those mental models.

That work for you.

In the situation you’re in.

This seems like it could be a good one.

Also made me think about my golf game.

My bad golf.

Im playing in 1st gear.

My good golf.

I’m playing in 5th gear.

The golf book Simplicity

Talks about this too.

Everythings linked.


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