F**k Bitcoin

“When it comes to the similar properties bitcoin and gold have, one particular property speaks in favor of the cryptoasset. While the last 5000 years have proven gold to be highly salable across time, because of its physical mass, gold is rather unsalable across space. Bitcoin on the other hand is highly salable across space because of its much greater portability. This is also why the cryptoasset is sometimes called gold with wings. Although bitcoin is rather young, should its digital scarcity hold, the cryptoasset would also be highly salable across time. 

As time passes, bitcoin could really be regarded as the better gold. Nevertheless it is important to keep in mind though: Bitcoin units exist as entries on a distributed ledger maintained by miners. If incentives to uphold Bitcoin would break down, miners would no longer mine and therefore maintain Bitcoin’s blockchain. Bitcoin units would then cease to exist. The same is not true for gold that exists due to its physical nature that is upheld by the laws of nature.” 



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