Lay system

I’ve been running a lay system on the hurdles this year & its been doing nicely.

Using Inform racings database this is what it looks like from 2017 to today.

Doesnt match up to the results I’m seeing this year.

So if I then filter by year.

2018 is a bad year.

A very very bad year.

That is the only bad year though.

In small dataset of 4.5 years that is.

So I figured I had the core right.

Based on this dataset.

Just needed something else.

So I filtered on going NOT being equal to GOOD.

Now 2018 goes from -161 points to -21 points.

And the overall system from 2017 to today goes from +60pts to +184pts.

Plus 800 less bets.

Small changes.

Big results.


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