Art tokens

Listened to a podcast this morning and they were talking about the crazy surge in the buying & selling of digital assets & NFTs.

Then I just got this in an email newsletter from Fred Wilson.

“My friend Seth is an entrepreneur and an artist. I have two of his paintings hanging in my office in NYC. His latest work is taking photographs of the sunset every day at Venice Beach and then training an AI model to turn it into a 30 second video. The work is published in a MP4 video. Therein lies the challenge. Anyone can copy an MP4 video so how does he make this work unique?

He turns it into a “non fungible token” or NFT.”

“But NFTs are also a very powerful tool for digital artists to bring scarcity/uniqueness to their work. And we are seeing a fair bit of activity starting to happen in and around digital art and NFTs.
Seth minted an NFT of his work and listed it for sale yesterday and then tweeted this out:

minted my first art token, an ai-generated synthetic video of imaginary waves trained off 1k high rez photos
— seth goldstein (@seth) February 10, 2021

I saw that tweet and placed a bid on it this morning. If you would like to do the same, you can do that here (you will need a Metamask wallet holding Ethereum).

There is still some geekiness/wonkiness about digital art NFTs (like needing a Metamask wallet and Ethereum) and I expect that will go away in short order and the experience of buying NFT art will be more like the experience of buying a rare Luka Doncic Holo MMMX card on Top Shot which requires none of that.

That piece of digital art from Seth is really cool.

You can see the artist in the work.

Making NFTs instrumental in the buying & selling of digital art.

This is going to be really big.

Your pieces of digital art can be on display anywhere.

Digital frames in the home.

Billboards on the street.

On the walls of luxury stores.

In the rooms of luxury hotels.

On your Phone.

In your watch.

Anywhere & everywhere.

And art is just one collectable.

How long until you buy a T-shirt.

Or a pendant.

Or baseball cap.

That displays & plays.

Your digital art collectables.


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