Pizza drunk

When I was at college.

A few of us went to Pizza Hut one lunchtime for an all you can eat pizza eating competition.

I dont remember who won.

But I do remember I ate 7 or 8 family size pizzas.

An hour or so later I was drunk.

Even though we had not consumed any alcohol.

Soon after my teacher kicked me out of our quantative maths lesson for being drunk during class.

I even got the hangover on the train on the way home.

Earlier today.

I heard of a man who has an extreme version of this.

The 1st time I have seen or heard anything similar to my Pizza Hut experience.

He gets drunk regularly.

Just by eating carbs.

Its called Auto-brewery syndrome.

One of my best mates has always said alcohol seems to stay in my body the morning after.

Longer than others.


One to look into.


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