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I was thinking about posting a random memory today.

I searched my email to try & find the hotel I was staying in when I was in New Dehli for work.

Searching my email I found this email response I sent in April 2011:

“Yeah its something we need to be aware of & have a strategy for in the future, its true they say more mobile devices will be connected to the internet than PCs in the coming years but that will primarily be for email, facebook, twitter & basic browsing, Id be interested to know how many people actaully make a trasaction on the phone today, imagine typing all the info in you need, so until the microwallet where basically you pay for everything through your phone bill its not really an issue, but I will have a look into the stats & let you know what they are its something Im interested to know aswell. Booking a holiday cottage I would say is typically a group decision aswell, not an impulse purchase where you buy it there & then just because.

Il dig out some info but at the moment just something to watch I would say.”

A Google search of mobile phones in 2011:

Since then phones have become extensions of our arms.

Money has become invisible.

And about 80% of people book holidays on mobile devices.

Looking forward to un earthing some more email treasure soon!


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