PayPal QR

I purchased a PayPal QR sellers kit the other day.

I’ve got nothing to sell.

More just to see what it was.

And how it works.

In the kit (photo above) you get:

  • A5 desk card
  • Lanyard
  • Multiple smaller cards

With your PayPal app you can assign prices to the QR codes.

Or leave price open so when someone scans it they type in the amount to pay.

Its all pretty seamless.

The speed the mobile device picks up the QR code is really good.

Once it picks up part of the QR code it almost like a magnet and registers within a second or less.

You also get QR codes enabled from within your PayPal app.

So you can just pull up your code on your phone and someone can scan it and make payment.

QR codes are part of everyday life in China.

Cronavirus has brought them to everyday life for many people in the UK.

As its how you checkin to places using the NHS app.

If they are going to become main stream in the UK.

Cronavirus gave them a massive helping hand.


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