Mihail interview

Following on from my post the other day about CGMBet.

We will get into that in a moment but lets talk about your background before you came into being involved with CGM Bet?

Thanks. So my name is Mihai and I live and work in Romania. I graduated from a technical university in the field of industrial robotics.

However, almost a year after graduation I had still only ever seen robots in Sci-Fi movies!

So I decided to change tracks to computers and computer networks, where the demand was huge (I had already studied computers during university).

From there it was just a small step to software, because I quickly realised it’s almost impossible for a computer engineer to reach a high level without knowledge of at least 2 or 3 programming languages.

Now I’m working for a government institution as an IT engineer, and spend my free time on my favourite project, CGM BET!”

Here is a link to a interview with Mihail.


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