Live shopping

Shopping channels seems to have existed forever.

Unchanged whilst the rest of the world is innovating at pace.

Unchanged because the format ‘just works’.

“Total Qurate Retail revenue decreased 5% year over year to $4.17 billion in Q4, down from $4.4 billion in Q4 2018. Revenue also decreased 4% year over year to $13.46 billion for the full-year 2019, down from $14.07 billion for full-year 2018. Ecommerce represented $2.6 billion, or 62%, of total revenue in the fourth quarter, and $8.0 billion, or 60%, of total revenue for 2019, as most views of the TV shopping shows turn to and to make their purchases.”

Facebooks lauching Shops.

As part of this they are allowing everyone to host their own live shopping channel through a new live shopping experience.

“Facebook is also working around Live Shopping experience for the users through Instagram Live. Sellers show off their products in live video and customers browse through the highlighted products, take instant shopping decisions, and make payments right away just like they would do in a physical shop.”

I can see this being HUGE.

Sellers, sorry show hosts, will become over night stars of their very own QVC channel.

It will spawn a new generation of business owners.

Giving it a go.

With no or little cost barriers.

Teaching people how to sell and present.

Instant feedback loops.

A window for not only products, but talent.

Pure theatre coming to a screen near you.



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