Job interviews

This morning on BBC business I saw a married couple being interviewed about their start up.

It was a place for people to upload videos to sell themselves as opposed to the traditional CV.

I think it was pitched as ‘CVs for the Snapchat generation’

Didn’t really excite me but I’m not the Snapchat generation.

Younger people embrace video much more than older generations so could work.

I see it as a pre CV filter.

Got me thinking about job interviews and typically how flawed they are.

“Better hiring leads to better work environments, less turnover, and more innovation and productivity. When you understand the limitations and pitfalls of the job interview, you improve your chances of hiring the best possible person for your needs.”

Job interviews don’t work

Which got me thinking to why I committed to writing a post every day.

  • Good to see what you were thinking and when
  • Makes you think differently, writing a blog post everyday is actually quite hard
  • Accountability

But in terms of job interviews, it provides a window in to me, who I am, how I think etc.

A human might browse through it.

Some obviously will.

A bot will consume it all.

It will spurt out a nice summary of who I am, likely strengths & weaknesses, where I might fit best etc.

From the outset I also chose not tag or categorise anything, I want to see how the alogos classify the content in times to come.


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