Printers are in demand in the a Covid world according to a report in the Washington post.

“As a recent Deloitte report put it, when the virus hit, hundreds of millions of people “brought their laptops home in a bag … but left their printers behind!” And oh, how we’ve missed them — not for the whir of the machine grabbing a sheet, nor the whoosh of the paper hitting its landing (though plenty of ASMR printer recordings do exist). Rather, it’s because we still print a lot more than we probably realized. One example: During regional Covid-19 lockdowns, consumers turned to online shopping, and that brought with it the inconvenience of needing to make returns and print shipping labels. That’s something office workers may have tended to do — shh! for I must whisper this part — at the office.”

“Office printer mischief aside, there are plenty of jobs that entail regularly creating hard copies of reports or documents to sign, which is part of the reason some companies paid one-time allowances in the wake of Covid-19 to help employees configure their work-from-home setups. Deloitte predicts that sales of all-in-one home printers — the kind that scan and email — will surge 15% this year to nearly $29 billion. That’s double the annual growth rate that had been predicted before the coronavirus outbreak.”

Personally I cant remember the last time I used a printer.

In the years as opposed to months.

I typically use the snipping tool in Windows (I find myself using this multiple times a day) or the camera in my phone.

Not sure there is any need for printers in todays modern world.

Docusign agrees.


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