Lockdown boozing

Lockdown boozing in the Covid era is a popular way for friends to socialise over the wire(less).

Will be interesting to see the long term impact on the local pub, people will have been used to paying £1 a beer instead of the £5 – £6 a beer for 3 months now.

I love the pub.

So whilst it might be painful parting with £5+ a drink initially, I’m sure it wont take too long to re-normalise with myself.

“A Nielsen investigation of the latest trends estimates that the U.S. alcohol market needs to sustain 22% volume growth across all alcohol categories sold off premise in order to merely level off from the impact of closed bars and restaurants. While this measure helps to size the magnitude of the current imbalance, the burden of rebound doesn’t fall squarely on the off-premise channel. On premise, the declines have now stabilized week to week, but Nielsen CGA reports that average sales per outlet remain 68% below rates of a year-ago in the week ended April 25, and hovered between -67% to -75% throughout the rest of April. The path forward will require both an optimized off-premise strategy and support of a responsible return to on premise alcohol consumption.”

Full report https://www.nielsen.com/us/en/insights/article/2020/rebalancing-the-covid-19-effect-on-alcohol-sales/


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