Locked in

I typically trade two different styles.

Day trading.

Where I am trading off 5 min bars and scaling quickly based on short term price action.

Swing trading.

Where each weekend I run my scans & set alerts on any charts that meet my criteria.

Then I take a longer term position if / when triggered.

Yesterday I had 2 day trades on and 6 swings.

My provider went down and I could not do anything with any of my trades.

For a few seconds I was lost and in a panic.

Then I remembered parts of my process that made it all fine:

  • Position sizing
  • Hard stop loss

Before I enter a trade I always know how much I am willing to lose on that trade.

As soon as I enter a trade I always place a hard stop at my total risk amount.

So my worst case scenario was I will lose what I had already agreed to lose if the trade goes against me.

Stops in.

Emotions out.

Ney bother.


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