Coronavirus AI

With everyone stuck at home, lots of people are doing good stuff.

Our neighbour is spending her days making masks for the NHS on her sewing machine.

We are getting supplies for high risk people when needed.

Hermes Ribeiro Sant Anna has created a site where you upload an image of your kitchen, lounge or anywhere, and it uses AI to highlight the surfaces which are most likely harbouring cronavirus.

How it works?

“We use a semantic segmentation Deep Convolutional Neural Network to highlight objects prone to cross-contamination such as tables, doors, glasses and jars. The list of objects considered righ now comprises 50+ categories. We try to our best to be as much exhaustive as possible. If, however, there is any object you deem worthy of inclusion, please let us know through the e-mail provide below.”

How contamination occurs?

A contaminated droplet of human fluid dispersed in the air may last for a fow minutes to a couple of hours. However, studies have shown that these pathogens can reside for at least four hours on solid surfaces. Whenever someone touches said surfaces and later touch their face, eyes, nose or mouth, they may be infected by whatever pathogen was in these surfaces, including COVID-19. Therefore, it is very important to keepthese surfaces disinfected.

Assepsis will help you in this task, by being a visual guide to remind you of which surfaces to maintain disinfected.

How to disinfect?

Health authorities and experts recommend the usage of household disinfectants to clean solid surrfaces, as well as regular soap and deterget to clean fabrics and hands. Please refer to the link above for detailed information and guidance.

Take some photos & get checking here


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