The 2020 state of remote work

Unsurprisingly the biggest advantage highlighted in the report for reasons to remote work is that it removes the need to commute.

Some findings from the “2020 State of Remote Work”:  

  • 97% would recommend remote work to others. 👍🏻
  • 80% primarily work from home.🏡
  • 32% say having a flexible schedule is the biggest benefit. ✅
  • 20% cite loneliness & communication as their biggest struggle. 😣

Read the full report.

I know when I worked full time from home lack of communication & seeing people didn’t work well for me so I hired a small office in a communal office building.

That was 15 odd years ago, its probably not as bad nowadays with modern tech but it always good to have some IRL interactions during your work week.


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