Knackered knees

Whilst I’m getting older, my knees have gotten old.

When I get up in the mornings they have started to ache for the first few minutes whilst they warm up.

Sometimes when I pick up the golf ball my knee seems to lock & I have to twist it slightly to free it.

When I go for a run they do seem to losen up for a while, until I wake up the next morning.

I’ve been running fairly regularly for approx 6 years, typically on roads and pavements. Looking at Runtastic, I have run approx 1100 miles in that time.

I’m not sure if my failing knees are due to running too much on hard services or getting old.

I don’t run long distances, I just do it for a bit of exercise.

So hard to put the blame on running.

I guess its a combination of both.


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