ARK Invest Big Ideas 2020

Looking for new invesment thesis’s for 2020, Ark provide great research in their 2020 report covering the following areas:

  1. Deep Learning — From Vision to Language
  2. Streaming Media — The Primary Technology Behind Content Distribution
  3. Electric Vehicles — Faster Adoption Than Most Think
  4. Automation — Increased Productivity and More Jobs
  5. 3D Printing — An Underestimated Technology
  6. Autonomous Ridehailing — The Future of Transportation
  7. Aerial Drones — A Cost Saver and Potential Life Saver
  8. Next Generation DNA Sequencing — The Transformation of Oncology
  9. Biotech R&D Efficiency — The Convergence of Technologies in Healthcare
  10. Digital Wallets — The Transformation of Banking
  11. Bitcoin — An Evolution of Monetary Systems

Get the report here


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