Trading log

When trading or doing anything you want to see continous improvement, its important you journal your actions, this lets you see what works & more importantly, what doesn’t work.

From then on things get easier, in theory.

Do more of what works & less of what doesn’t.

I just opened my trading log for 2019 for a quick year end review. I was suprised to see that I made the most money last year (2019) trading ETFs, and not stocks.

When I look further, I can see that I made the bulk of my money trading Palladium.

You can see below, $PALL had a great end to the year, +53% for 2019.

I don’t know anything about Palladium.

All I know is that its a metal of some sort.

I dont think I had even heard of it until it starting appearing on my scans.

Thats the beauty of trend following, the only thing you need to know about the asset is, that its trending, thats it.

And the beauty of journalling, what you think is quite often not the reality.

If someone had told me I could win a million pound by telling them correctly what I made the most money trading in 2019, I would have confidently said Microsoft.

Not Palladium.


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