Westhampton Long Island

Yesterday we put up our Chrsitmas tree, a bit early but with a busy December its the only time we could do it.

We had to move various things about to make room for it, including this:

In 2011 we flew to Boston, travelled around New Hampshire & Cape Cod slowly making our way to NYC.

We ended up getting a ferry from New London over to Long Island & stayed the night in Westhampton.

We got talking to an elderly American couple in a bar, they were asking us what we had been doing, where we were going etc.

We told them we were heading to NYC, & when we left the bar, the man handed us a piece of paper.

He had done a quick sketch for us of places they recommend we visit.

When we got back to the UK we had it framed & hung it on the wall, unfortunately its faded with time.

Pen & paper is cool.


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